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Men's Bowls

Law Book
World bowls has advised that the Law Book will not be reviewed after the 2018 Commonwealth Games as has been the normal practice and the next review will be in 2022.

Bowlers Arms Approval
Applications for approval of Bowlers Arms will not be processed if they are not accompanied by a Doctor’s Certificate. Members should be aware that the Bowls Australia Policy for the use of Bowlers Arms states “The choice to use the bowlers arm for any part or all of the game is at the discretion of the user at any stage of the game”.    

Chocking the Jack
Bowls Australia has confirmed that it is illegal to chock a jack at any time during the game.

Instantaneous Penalties
Umpires and Players are advised that the Instantaneous Penalties specified in COP 2.30 are to be implemented. Umpires must consult with the Controlling Body (in their absence the team/side manager) before any penalty is imposed. (The procedure set out in the Bowls NSW form must be followed).  

Use of Laser to measure shot
World Bowls has advised that the “Bowlsline Laser Measure” has been approved for use in determining the result of an end. This is the only approved laser measure so it is illegal to purchase a laser measure from any other supplier or make up your own to use. 

Umpires Manual
Reprinted Copies of the Umpires Manual have now been received from Bowls Australia and will be forwarded to anyone who is waiting to receive their copy. We apologise if you have been inconvenienced by the delays but it was beyond our control.